Welcome To Jony Software Solutions

JONY provides quality software solutions to support a company's IT needs. JONY will supply its clients with experts in Software Development and Software Engineering. These experts will develop solutions that support the clients business models and needs.

Company Objective

JONY Software Solutions provides custom software solutions for clients wishing to support their business. We specialize in general computer software consulting and support. Our engineers are recognized experts in software design, and development. Our engineers also have expertise in object, and relational database design, and development. JONY Software Solutions experts use established processes in software designing, coding, and testing.

JONY Software Solutions has background in leading edge technologies including Cloud and web services. We can perform studies and analyses for clients wishing to pinpoint difficulties they may be having. We can also provide clients with project management providing leadership, schedules and reports. JONY Software Solutions developments utilize the capability maturity model for software (SW-CMM).